[SQLInfo Params]...[/SQLInfo]
Reports back information about a SQL connection that has already been established via [SQLConnect].

Example (normally you would put the following text into a .tpl file on your server and use a web browser to link to it):

[SQLConnect dbType=MySQL&host=]
Connected successfully<br>

SQLInfo reports:<br>
[SQLInfo conn_ref=conn1]
Host: [SQL_HOST]<br> 
Server Version: [SQL_SERVERVER]<br>
Client Version: [SQL_CLIENTVER]<br> 

Parameter Description
conn_ref (or just 'ref')
The name of a SQLConnect variable created (via the conn_var or var variable) by the successful execution of [SQLConnect].

The following tags are available inside a [SQLInfo] context:
Tag Description
The IP Address/host name of the database server.
The RDBMS type of the database server; type returned: MYSQL, MSSQL, or ORACLE.
The version number of the SQL server; e.g. 7.0.
The version number of the client being used to connect to the database server.
The name of the database you have connected to, if any.